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Welcome, American Heritage Girls!

Supporting Young Shepherds

Hey, American Heritage Girls, what a privilege it is to introduce you to the Shepherd Leadership Patch!

We’re super excited that you have an interest in becoming a shepherd leader, similar to Moses, David, Miriam, and so many other men and women in the Bible!

Just like these people from Biblical times, you influence others all around you every day – your friends, your family, your classmates … really everyone you encounter. So, how are you doing at influencing their lives positively – and that’s what living into your calling is all about – every time you’re with them (and even when you’re not!)?

This patch is going to help you better understand how to lead well everywhere you influence. Whether you’re enthusiastic, outgoing and like to be around or in front of groups of people or you’re quiet or shy and prefer one-on-one interactions or smaller gatherings, you’re an influencer! With what you experience in this patch program, you’ll learn how to influence … or lead … just like a shepherd leads her sheep. Using examples from Scripture, you’ll learn how Biblical shepherd leaders – including Jesus – knew the importance of Provision, Protection, and Presence.

Just click on your Program Level for all the details and resources you need to complete the Patch. Whether you’re a Pathfinder, Tenderheart, Explorer, Pioneer, or Patriot … or even a Trailblazer … there’s a Patch for you!

I can hardly wait for you to get started! You’re going to love this!!!

Thrilled to be shepherding and learning with you,

Holly Culhane
Co-Founder and CEO
Presence Point, Inc.
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(916) 778-6379

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