Your Responsibility as a Shepherd Leader | 2 Peter Series Part 10

In this series on 2 Peter, Your Responsibility as a Shepherd Leader, we are reminded of our responsibilities as shepherd leaders to guard our flock.

Welcome back to our 2 Peter series. So far in chapter 2, Peter has made it clear that there are false teachers in the church among us. Now, as we move to verses 12 through 22, Peter becomes even more candid, giving us a detailed picture of the character and the conduct of these false teachers. He does not hold back, and rightfully so.  

In writing this letter, Peter was acting responsibly as a shepherd leader. He was providing information so his sheep would be aware. That’s PROVISION. He was protecting the flock by assuring they understood what was happening and giving them the opportunity to take action. That’s PROTECTION. He was with them as best as he could be. That’s PRESENCE.  

We pray that you’ll take to heart our responsibility as shepherds and live deeply into your calling to offer provision, protection, and your presence to the sheep entrusted to your care. 

Let us know your thoughts on this portion of 2 Peter below. 

Picture of Presence Point

Presence Point

Presence Point equips leaders to intentionally live into their calling as shepherds in the lives of those they lead, and partners with multipliers to do the same within their sphere of influence.

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