Month: April 2019

A beam of sunlight shines through the top of a rocky cave.

The Sound

Then in the dark, in the quiet, in the complete solitude of the cave tomb came the sound. Not loudly, but most certain suddenly. With no trumpets or rockets or fanfare but with the eternal God as a witness, the silence was broken.
A dove flies against a black background.

Easter Morning

In 2018 while attending a conference in Dallas I heard a woman behind me speaking to someone during a break. I immediately knew the voice was familiar, but it took me a bit longer to realize it was the voice I heard late in the night. It was June Hunt!
A note reading 'What would Jesus do' is posted on a corkboard.

Leaving the 99

It was rave mom Janet's very first outreach. She was in the rave venue parking lot with rave mom Diana as the Texas teams gathered together from Houston, Austin and Dallas. They were looking for kids in trouble during the night and that's when they came upon Andrew (not his real name). Andrew was totally high and laying between two cars.
A glass bottle of oil stands on a wooden surface with some plants close.

A Pleasing Aroma

It’s wonderful to walk into a room and smell an aroma that pleases us. Whether it’s the relaxing scent of lavender wafting through a room, the delightful trace of your favorite person’s perfume or cologne, or the first comforting whiff of your grandmother’s apple pie, it just makes us smile.
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