Month: August 2021

A lone wolf stands in the forest.


The “act of safeguarding, shielding another from harm, or guarding against danger”, as we’ve defined it in the Leader’s Shield, is an imperative element of influencing others positively and leading well.
Holly Culhane talks with Cindy Brakeman.

Shepherd in Action, Cindy Brakeman

The shepherding aspect of volunteer roles such as school board member are often overlooked, but as those leading school districts of every size and for every age group have learned over the past 15+ months, a pandemic changes everything.  In this Shepherd-in-Action interview, Cindy Brakeman, a retired secondary education teacher and member of a large school district …

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Holly Culhane talks with Dan Wolgemuth

Shepherd in Action, Dan Wolgemuth

Dan Wolgemuth, President Emeritus of Youth For Christ USA, joins Holly to talk about what she has described as a shepherd-in-action championing racial justice.  He has stepped out far beyond where many in the C-suite have been willing to venture.  His courage has led to healing, education, change .. and opposition.  Join Dan and Holly for this conversation and …

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