Shepherding Our Clergy

The concept of “shepherding up” is broached at every workshop we facilitate, and it nearly always produces the same reaction: a look of confusion, of wonder, and a “Really??” stare. In a nutshell, it’s the concept of shepherding those who shepherd us.

The Song I Sing in the Darkness

No work of art is more beautiful, more valuable, more irreplaceable, than the twenty-third psalm. David’s great psalm employs the simplest of images—that of a shepherd and his sheep—and assures of the greatest of truths—that God is forever present with his people.

Shepherd in Action – Jerry White

What a privilege it was to sit down with Jerry White, President Emeritus and Chairman Emeritus of the U.S. Board of Directors of The Navigators, to talk about shepherd leadership.

Why Shepherd Leadership?

There’s a pivotal element of shepherding that seems to be the most lacking in today’s world. It’s that of Presence.


There’s a pivotal element of shepherding that seems to be the most lacking in today’s world. It’s that of Presence.


Protection is a pivotal responsibility of shepherding well.


Provision is a pivotal element of shepherd leadership.

Shepherd in Action – Simon Rattray

Simon Rattray of Brisbane, Australia, goes into places that most Christians wouldn’t even consider – and he finds it a blessing and believes it to be his calling.

Shepherd in Action – Cindy Brakeman

The shepherding aspect of volunteer roles such as school board member are often overlooked, but as those leading school districts of every size and for every age group have learned…

Shepherd in Action – Tom Roy

Tom Roy, former professional baseball player and founder of UPI and Shepherd Coach Network, joins Holly in today’s Shepherds-in-Action interview. You won’t want to miss this interview, as Tom brings…

Our Words

In the words of a poet…And, in the words of Solomon…

Shepherd in Action – Dan Wolgemuth

Dan Wolgemuth, President Emeritus of Youth For Christ USA, joins Holly to talk about what she has described as a shepherd-in-action championing racial justice.  He has stepped out far beyond where many…

Obituaries and Eulogies

We are not in control of life and death and we must keep our hearts right, our accounts short, and our eyes on The Good Shepherd.

A Shepherd’s Heart

A shepherd’s heart is protective and guards his flock from Satan’s snares. A shepherd’s heart is attentive and seeks to know his people’s cares.

Shepherd in Action – Carla Elam-Floyd

Holly was introduced to Carla Elam-Floyd just a few months before this interview while participating in a Time of Lament regarding racial injustice. She was immediately compelled by Carla’s story,…

A Shepherd’s Vision

Will you be a shepherd after the Father’s heart, deferring to His leadership and guiding with His knowledge and understanding, or will you choose your own way?


Remaining steadfast and loyal is what God does best. Day in, day out. Season after season. Millennia after millennia. No matter what — GOD IS FAITHFUL!

At 32 Years Old

Chris is a Lead Electrician for a major agricultural firm in California. Just a few weeks ago, he fell through the roof of a building 20+ feet to a concrete floor.

Shepherds-in-Action – Pastor Daniel

Pastor Daniel leads one of the largest churches in Cairo, Egypt, serving the Sudanese refugees who have made that area their home. His perspective on shepherding is one I hope…