People in crisis never asked Jesus if it was a convenient time for Him to help, but routinely interrupted Him with their emergencies. What’s your response when the sheep in your life interrupt you?

A Wounded Heart

If you begin 2022 with a distressed spirit, may this prayer from Arthur Bennett’s The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions help you find vision in your valley…


Have you ever really thought about what our Jesus did to become our Emmanuel – God WITH us?

Shepherds Need to Get with the Plan

Repeatedly asking “why?” helps us surface the most important, often hidden values underneath our strategies and efforts. When we dare to include Scripture in the inspection of our foundations, as shepherd leaders we can align more effectively with the heart of God.

Not Just Another Shift

Have you ever thought of your work as drudgery? Same job. Same tasks. Same co-workers. Day after day after day. I wonder if the ancient shepherds of Israel ever felt that way.


Just as the rain I hear dropping in bucket loads outside of my window today will not return to me empty in the months ahead, the same is true of the sacred Scriptures. Every promise. Every prophecy. Every Word. Without exception. Will deliver.

I’m Sunk

God often calls us to wait. To trust Him beyond the borders of our experience, our comfort, and our humanity. To trust that while we wait, He is working. Growing us. Refining us. Deepening our faith.


I pray you can join me in this place of worshipful gratitude.

Your Ride With Jesus

The subject line of the email jumped out at me:  “Your Ride with Jesus on October 15”.  Yes, I rode with Jesus on October 15, but don’t I ride with him every day??


Have you ever felt trapped in a place where there seemed to be no way out? Centuries ago, King Hezekiah of Judah was trapped as well.

Sacrificial Shepherds

I have my Savior to thank for the voluntary sacrifice He made for my spiritual liberty.  Let’s together also thank those He has used to provide for our physical freedom.

Shepherding Our Clergy

The concept of “shepherding up” is broached at every workshop we facilitate, and it nearly always produces the same reaction: a look of confusion, of wonder, and a “Really??” stare. In a nutshell, it’s the concept of shepherding those who shepherd us.

The Song I Sing in the Darkness

No work of art is more beautiful, more valuable, more irreplaceable, than the twenty-third psalm. David’s great psalm employs the simplest of images—that of a shepherd and his sheep—and assures of the greatest of truths—that God is forever present with his people.

Why Shepherd Leadership?

There’s a pivotal element of shepherding that seems to be the most lacking in today’s world. It’s that of Presence.


There’s a pivotal element of shepherding that seems to be the most lacking in today’s world. It’s that of Presence.


Protection is a pivotal responsibility of shepherding well.


Provision is a pivotal element of shepherd leadership.

Our Words

In the words of a poet…And, in the words of Solomon…

Obituaries and Eulogies

We are not in control of life and death and we must keep our hearts right, our accounts short, and our eyes on The Good Shepherd.