Cultivating a Godly Witness | 2 Peter Series Part 7

In this series on 2 Peter 1, Cultivating a Godly Witness, we learn about the importance of sharing our experience with Jesus Christ to others.

Welcome back to our series on 2 Peter! Holly is kicking off this new video sharing about how important it is for us to follow Peter’s example of sharing with others our personal experience with Jesus Christ.

In 2 Peter 1:16-18, Peter is reassuring these believers that he, James, and John were eyewitnesses of the power of the Lord. That it was not a myth or a story that Christ had come, but that Peter had personally witnessed it.

Like Peter, all true believers have an eyewitness account of what God has done in their lives. We may not have been on “the holy mountain” with Peter, James, and John, but every one of us that follows Jesus has seen Him work in a way that transfigures, reforms, and alters our lives.

Let us know your thoughts below!

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