Demolition always comes before renovation.
A damaged house with the start of repairs on one side.

Have you ever lived through a home or office remodel? Like most projects that will, most likely, ultimately have a wonderful outcome, a remodel often starts with great expectations and a specific end- product – and date – in mind. After a couple of weeks – even if it’s going well – the vision of the finished work dims with the reality that your life is being turned upside down, much of what you do is being disrupted … and you’re still weeks away from your goal!

That’s where we are in our own little remodel. Demo day is over and construction has begun, but as I look around at the disarray that encompasses our home life right now, I’m reminded that we can’t get to the outcome we desire – a better use of space, more storage, and a comfy place for family and friends to gather – without the mess, the disruption, and the chaos that it takes to get there.

In that reminder, I remembered a comment I heard a few months ago: Demolition always happens before renovation.

The “what is” must be torn apart and the “what you weren’t expecting” exposed before you can begin the long slog to “what will be.” The process takes time and inconvenience, intentionality and discomfort, desire and determination.

But without the mess of demolition and the re-building that follows .. the beauty of renovation could never be revealed.

And the same is true with us. Demolition always happens before renovation.

He has demolished me on every side, and I am finished.
Job 19:10a

The remodeling the Father does in our hearts always begins with demolition. Demolition of who we are without Him, the destruction of our selfish pride, the annihilation of our fears, bad habits, and unhealthy behaviors, and the utter devastation of the idols we worship.

Where does it lead? To the construction process of sanctification … to becoming more like Him, in word and deed and thought and action. To seeking joy rather than happiness.To showing love rather than hate. To seeking life rather than death.

Demolition always comes before renovation. God must demolish who I am in myself to make me who He wants me to become in Him … to a place that He knows I will best live into my calling and completely accomplish His purposes for my life.

Then what? On to the beauty of full renovation! I can’t wait! How about you?


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