Easter Morning

In my former life leading a small, but busy HR consulting practice, I often drove home late in the evening. It was during one of those short commutes that I first heard the voice and heart of June Hunt. She was listening, loving, and shepherding those who were hurting late in the night through her call-in Hope In the Night radio broadcast. I soon began to look forward to those dark drives when I knew June’s radio show was going to air. I loved the kind tone of her voice and the Godly advice she graciously offered all who called. In 2018 while attending a conference in Dallas I heard a woman behind me speaking to someone during a break. I immediately knew the voice was familiar, but it took me a bit longer to realize it was the voice I heard late in the night. It was June Hunt! Never having seen a picture of her, I had no visual reference. She was as kind and gracious in person as she was over the airwaves and within a few weeks, I was receiving the Hope for the Heart emails. I pray this timely note about Easter morning touches your heart as much as June has often touched mine…

Can you imagine what it was like that first Easter morning?

Just a few days earlier, Peter flees when Jesus is arrested – then three times denies even knowing Him. Peter’s guilt becomes so overpowering, the Bible says he “wept bitterly” (Matthew 26:75).

And Mary Magdalene – the one who sees the Lord breathe His last breath – becomes consumed with grief. When she visits the tomb, she also weeps … believing someone has stolen Jesus’s body.

Then Thomas, upon hearing Jesus is alive, becomes filled with doubt – saying he will never believe this to be true – unless he personally touches the risen Lord.

Guilt … grief … doubt. How often I have spoken with men and women on Hope In The Night – our call-in counseling broadcast – about guilt over the past, grief over present pain, and doubt over the future.

As common and paralyzing as these emotions can be … our risen Savior changes everything. When they meet the risen Jesus …

Peter is restored.
… Mary is comforted.
… Thomas is assured.

For more information about June’s work and Hope for the Heart Ministries, check out www.hopefortheheart.org. Based in Dallas, Texas, Hope for the Heart offers biblical hope and practical help – through biblical counsel, coaching, and context for contemporary issues – in more than 60 countries on 6 continents.


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