The faithfulness of God is undeniable; however, our faithfulness to God may be questionable.
Faithful is highlighted in the dictionary.

By Holly Culhane

Remaining steadfast and loyal is what God does best. Day in, day out. Season after season. Millennia after millennia. No matter what — GOD IS FAITHFUL!

He reveals his faithfulness in the order and balance of nature, in the fulfillment of His promises to His people, and in His Son, the Lord Jesus, our dear Good, Great, and Chief Shepherd.

The faithfulness of God is undeniable; however, our faithfulness to God may be questionable.

Am I loyal to Him and His Word? Do I trust Him enough to be steadfast in my beliefs and consistently demonstrate those beliefs in my daily life?

I recently asked myself that question when reflecting upon a friend’s tenure as President of a national ministry. In his service, he was steadfast and loyal. He trusted the Father every step of the way. When the learning curve was steep, when he didn’t understand, when he didn’t know the details, when it was hard, when it was celebratory – he was faithful to the mission. Most importantly he was faithful to the Father.

In a world full of ministry leadership failures, he is radically different. Why? Many would say it was because of the ongoing work of grace in his life that transforms a person’s character along the way. And, though that is true, as I look back on his example, I believe there’s a lesson for shepherd leaders. The depth of the transformation in all of us is connected to God’s grace, but also to our faithfulness to the Father. Whether we truly, deeply, and daily walk with Him, abiding in His love, will absolutely affect if we hear His whisper, follow His direction, and lead well.

As you enter this summer season, join me in taking a moment to evaluate your faithfulness to the Father – your commitment to remaining steadfast, loyal, fully trusting His Word and your commitment to be a Godly, faithful shepherd leader in the lives of those you influence and impact.

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