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Ever wonder what it would be like to facilitate a workshop with both adults and teenagers in the same room? We did too, until last Saturday! Thirty teachers, school volunteers, parents of students, and 18 junior and high school students from a hybrid homeschooling academy gathered for a full-day “Leadership from the Shepherd’s Perspective” workshop in Rocklin, California.

Prayer and preparation were the name of the game prior to the workshop, but on the day of the event prayer partners from around the country specifically prayed for the Holy Spirit to act as the Holy Interpreter! We hoped everyone attending would hear exactly what the Father wanted them to hear in their “own” (dad, mom, teacher, teen) language. Oh, my goodness, how He worked!

Based on Scripture and their own experiences, the adults created Shepherds Operating Manuals for Shepherding at Home, Shepherding at Work, Shepherding Volunteers, Shepherding in the Classroom, and Shepherding Themselves (i.e., soul care and how to best be led by The Good Shepherd).The young adults (teenagers) created Shepherds Operating Manuals for Shepherding UP at Home (to their parents), Shepherding UP in the Classroom (to their teachers), Shepherding by their Parents, Shepherding Peers, and Shepherding Themselves (i.e., soul care and they could best be led by The Good Shepherd).

It was quite a day! We’ll let the comments speak for themselves, but check out the Presence Point Facebook page for pictures of the work they produced .. and then implement what you see in your own shepherding journey!

From the teenagers…

“I loved the stories, practical applications, visuals, interaction, and just the whole idea of the leader being shepherd! It was very insightful regarding leadership and how one should lead, drawing all of our source from The Good Shepherd.”

“The thing that I liked the most about the workshop was the effectiveness of the message. Today improved my soul’s health.”

“I loved the examples and interactive teaching style. I learned more about leadership and myself and ways to grow in leadership and shepherding.”

“It was a great experience, and definitely worth the time! I liked the ability to learn about leadership from the Christian perspective. I learned that your influence on others is greater than you think.”

“I really enjoyed the quiet time and being able to pray and have time to reflect on the message of forgiveness, which really impacted me. I would tell others that you truly learn and grow! The shepherding message is important. It’s seen repeatedly throughout the Bible and gives a totally different take on leadership from the rest of the world.”

“I enjoyed everything! The teaching was great. I feel encouraged and want to go out and shepherd!!I felt convicted (and, maybe, I cried).I truthfully enjoyed all of it. We are called in the Scriptures to shepherd.”

“It’s an important message not taught enough.”

From the adults…

“I’ve been in many leadership and development seminars and classes, either through the military, church, or the corporate world … the content of this program was both profound and applicable. Bravo! and thank You!”

What would you say to others? “Come and hear it!”

“Good discussion. Practical application. Biblical foundation.”

“It’s [shepherding] is foundational, yet often not understood; this was an epiphany on the topic and very usable for life!”

“Very interactive. Unifying for the group. Good sound message. Focused on God’s Word.”

Are you intrigued by these comments and the shepherding message? Would you like to impact those in your church or ministry in the same way? Would you like to host a workshop or multiply the message by facilitating workshops in your organization? We would love to partner with you to do just that! Email Holly at Holly@PresencePoint.com! She would love to hear from you!

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