Presence Point to Provide Shepherding Workshop for CLA’s 2021 Outcome Conference in Orlando, Florida

Presence Point is pleased to announce an invitation by Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) to provide an in-person “Leadership from the Shepherd’s Perspective” workshop at their annual Outcomes Conference in Orlando, Florida, on June 15, 2021.

It’s an honor to partner with CLA as they have been known for equipping leaders for Kingdom impact for over 40 years. The annual Outcomes Conference helps the organization put its years of experience in the “business” of ministry to work for its members by providing professional development for today’s Christian non-profit leaders.

“The partnership with CLA to deliver this workshop to those wishing to live more deeply into their calling as shepherd in the lives of those they influence is a wonderful opportunity,” commented Holly Culhane, Founder and CEO of Presence Point, Inc., “as we share a passion for Kingdom outcomes.”

“Thrive,” the focus of this year’s three-day Conference is a beautiful picture of what shepherd leaders and those they influence do when their eyes are on The Good Shepherd and Provision, Protection, and Presence are their focus.

The Presence Point team asks for prayer for Divine support as they prepare for this opportunity and for good health for the facilitators, all of the attendees, and the CLA team during their time together.

To attend the conference and the Presence Point workshop, connect with CLA at, and join the thousands of ministry leaders who have called CLA their “go-to” for professional development in all aspects of their ministry careers.

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