I Have Seen the Lord | Seven Revealings Series, Week 1

By Holly Culhane

It’s always amazed me how we rush right past Easter. We exclaim, “He is risen!” to fellow believers or, when they exclaim that miraculous statement to us, we respond with, “He is risen INDEED!” Then, the rest of the week comes, and we move on with our lives, seemingly forgetting what we had exclaimed and celebrated just days before. I’d like this year to be different for under-shepherds around the globe. Let’s bask in the miraculous resurrection of our Lord. Let’s keep exclaiming, “He is risen!” Let’s continue the celebration!

And, together, let’s join Dan Wilt, of Seedbed, for what he’s referenced as “Seven days [seven weeks, for us]. Seven stories. Seven revealings of Jesus to seven sets of people after his resurrection. Seven conversations of the heart. Seven signs and wonders to help us fix our eyes on Jesus as we begin the season of Eastertide.” Enjoy, and let me know what the experience was like for you.


Read now and let us know your thoughts below.


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