I’ve loved Jill Briscoe’s teaching for many years, but it deepened 15+ years ago when I met her at a conference where she was scheduled to speak. It was deliberate on my part. The women’s ministry at the church I attended planned on using Mrs. Briscoe’s video series to lead us through a weekend retreat, and I was hoping to obtain a personal word from her that I could share with these ladies. I arrived at the venue early and headed directly to the front row. I stood still for a moment wondering where I could sit that would give me the best chance for a one-on-one encounter with her. It was at that moment I caught a glimpse of a chair with a RESERVED sign on it. I sat down next to it, hoping it was reserved for her .. and waited. Later, when a lady sat down next to me, I realized I had no idea what Jill Briscoe looked like! Embarrassed that I hadn’t done my homework, I leaned over and asked if she was “the lady of the hour.” “Well, I don’t know about that,” she replied in her beautiful English accent. So.. I had to ask the question: “Are you Jill Briscoe?” When she admitted she was, I told her why I was there and asked for a word for these ladies. I’ll never forget her response. She paused, looked straight ahead, and closed her eyes. The moment seemed awkward, until I realized she was praying. When she opened her eyes, she looked at me and said, “There are no short cuts.” That was it. But that’s all I needed. “There are no short cuts” was the informal theme of the group I was leading that year, and I knew it had no connection to the very brief conversation we’d just had or the video series I had mentioned. The Holy Spirit had spoken to her — and I believe He’s speaking again though this brief devotional on Psalm 23:6, Surely. May it be a reminder to you today of His presence in your life…

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