chief shepherd

Two baby lambs frolic in a field near their mother.

God Is Good

Have you ever given consideration to when you actually do think God is good? Is it when He’s answered your prayer request with a “yes”? Is it when you’ve prayed the same prayer for years, with seemingly no result? God is good, but He’s not just good when the sheep in our lives are listening and following, when life is going our way, and when situations are easy. He’s also good even when – and maybe especially when – we’re in the midst of pain, in the middle of heartbreak, and facing great disappointment. 
A wooden pier leads out to a beautiful lake sitting in front of mountains under a gorgeous horizon

On a Dock in Costa Rica

I know that in this moment – on a dock in Costa Rica – Paul's prayer perfectly described what the experience did for me. This sheep felt the glorious, unlimited resources of the Father empower me with a remarkable inner strength and confidence for whatever is ahead. It deepened my roots in His strength, giving me the power needed to understand just a bit of how much He loves me, knows who I am – wherever I am – and that I will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes only from Him. The life and power needed to shepherd well the sheep He places in my path. 
A set of hands clasp in prayer while their owner sits near a patient in a hospital.


I was immediately drawn to what my Savior did for me – how the Good, Great, and Chief Shepherd viewed me and the state I was in.  He endured torture. He suffered. He died. He spent three days separated from the Father.  Because I was salvageable.  
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