Luther Bradley talks on a video call

Shepherds in Action, Luther and Sylvia Bradley

Today’s Shepherds in Action interview on social and racial injustice initially began with Luther Bradley, a former Notre Dame All American and later Detroit Lions football player. He and Holly Culhane became friends through a non-profit Board they serve on together. Partway into the interview, Luther’s wife, Sylvia, joined the discussion. You’ll find this a …

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Holly Culhane talks with a bald and tattooed man in a video interview.

Shepherd in Action, Scott

Scott is the kitchen coordinator about 4 months of the year at Rockridge Canyon Young Camp in British Columbia. In addition to stomachs, he helps feed souls. He believes it’s important to be authentic, not fake, so that you are approachable and can honestly help people.    
A beam of sunlight shines through the top of a rocky cave.

The Sound

Then in the dark, in the quiet, in the complete solitude of the cave tomb came the sound. Not loudly, but most certain suddenly. With no trumpets or rockets or fanfare but with the eternal God as a witness, the silence was broken.
A dove flies against a black background.

Easter Morning

In 2018 while attending a conference in Dallas I heard a woman behind me speaking to someone during a break. I immediately knew the voice was familiar, but it took me a bit longer to realize it was the voice I heard late in the night. It was June Hunt!
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