Holy Spirit

A man rows a kayak past a waterfall.

The Current

Sometimes abandoning ourselves to the will of God is like floating down a river: we relax and allow the current of the river to carry us along. At other times it is more like trying to run the rapids or ride a large wave.
A dove flies against a black background.

Easter Morning

In 2018 while attending a conference in Dallas I heard a woman behind me speaking to someone during a break. I immediately knew the voice was familiar, but it took me a bit longer to realize it was the voice I heard late in the night. It was June Hunt!
A glass bottle of oil stands on a wooden surface with some plants close.

A Pleasing Aroma

It’s wonderful to walk into a room and smell an aroma that pleases us. Whether it’s the relaxing scent of lavender wafting through a room, the delightful trace of your favorite person’s perfume or cologne, or the first comforting whiff of your grandmother’s apple pie, it just makes us smile.
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