Sacrificial Shepherds

I have my Savior to thank for the voluntary sacrifice He made for my spiritual liberty.  Let’s together also thank those He has used to provide for our physical freedom.

Shepherding Our Clergy

The concept of “shepherding up” is broached at every workshop we facilitate, and it nearly always produces the same reaction: a look of confusion, of wonder, and a “Really??” stare. In a nutshell, it’s the concept of shepherding those who shepherd us.

The Song I Sing in the Darkness

No work of art is more beautiful, more valuable, more irreplaceable, than the twenty-third psalm. David’s great psalm employs the simplest of images—that of a shepherd and his sheep—and assures of the greatest of truths—that God is forever present with his people.

Why Shepherd Leadership?

There’s a pivotal element of shepherding that seems to be the most lacking in today’s world. It’s that of Presence.