The Good Shepherd & Picnics

Do you need a picnic right now? Jesus is waiting for you to say yes.
Basket of picnic items.

I love picnics! Especially the ones God provides! I pray you’ll enjoy this beautiful reminder from Psalm 23:5 that combines an English pot of tea with a sweet picnic snack from The Good Shepherd Himself…

by Jill Briscoe

The Great Shepherd not only satisfies and sanctifies his flock, supporting them in their valleys of fear; he supplies them with picnics along the way! He gives us time for enjoyment of others, for release from the strain of circumstance, for fun!

There is nothing that calms an English lady more than putting the kettle on. I believe every crisis needs a pot of tea—a time to sit and regroup; a kind friend to share the pause, to reach across the table of trouble, take our hand and say, “Eat a little something. You’ll feel better.” When fears fight us, trying to put us to flight, Jesus puts the kettle on!

Our great shepherd lays a table for us in the very presence of our enemies. I have a picture of his covering a table in the dark valley with a white cloth, finding a leaf for a plate, and picking some lovely green blades of grass for his jumpy lamb! By the time the lamb has eaten his fill, he will have had his head anointed with the oil of gladness, and his cup of joy will overflow. He will be up and away to gambol about the valley, sure his shepherd is big enough to keep the lions and bears away from him.

Do you need a picnic right now? Jesus is waiting for you to say yes.

For further study: Psalm 23:1-6

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Presence Point

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