Where Have The Sheep Gone?

There is more to healthy pastoring than mere striving and strategies; pastors must also treasure truth. It’s not clichéd for pastors to go back—again and again and again—to our gospel identity: We are at once sheep, servants, stewards, and shepherds.
sheep and open gate

By Holly Culhane

Recent surveys indicate that as churches have re-opened after the pandemic, between 20% and 50% of those who attended prior to COVID-19 have not returned.


There’s speculation around the reason for this exodus and, in fact, I’ve probably shared my views more confidently than I should. I guess that’s why when Christianity Today published the article, Two Hundred People Left Our Small Church, it captured my attention. But it was Benjamin Vrbicek’s transparent approach to finding out why that kept me reading.


Although it doesn’t seem the drop in attendance was necessarily all post-pandemic, his approach revealed four main reasons sheep leave the flock and, based on those findings, four actions he believes would be helpful to prevent it. Interestingly, they’re all traits of good under-shepherds, whether leading congregants, employees, or volunteers, and ultimately revolve around Provision, Protection, and Presence and the importance of allowing the Good Shepherd to shepherd you before you attempt to shepherd others.


Please take a few moments and read about Benjamin’s experience and his suggestions, no matter what position you hold in the church. I promise it will be worth it…


Read HERE.

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Presence Point equips leaders to intentionally live into their calling as shepherds in the lives of those they lead, and partners with multipliers to do the same within their sphere of influence.

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