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Presence Point provides coaching services for leaders who want practical one-on-one follow-up and personal growth as a shepherd leader.

We understand that following the Good Shepherd is a daily journey. Sometimes, we need to know we’re on the right path or sometimes, we simply want to know how to take the next step forward. Coaching allows you to explore your potential as a shepherd leader and encourages you to live deeply into your calling in practical ways.

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“Thank you so much for the important ministry of Presence Point. Leadership is often sought out by people but providing wise leadership is often not easy. The struggle to mature as a leader takes time and focus. It takes humility. Humility asks for help and this is how my coaching relationship with Holly began. I knew the needs of my organization. I knew the goals that had been set by our Board of Directors. However, knowledge is only the first step of a process. I asked Holly to help hold me accountable and continue to keep momentum as we talked through the leadership process with our goals in mind. Presence, Protection, and Provision were the guiding principles as we worked. She asked me hard questions. I needed that. It made me think. It was not easy. She asked me how my presence was needed in the organization. She asked me how the organization needed protection. She asked me what provision was needed. We talked through tough issues so I could gain clarity. We prayed. It was amazing to look back and realize the goals that had been met and the way a stronger foundation was laid for the future. I became a better leader. I felt more equipped for the tasks required of me to help our organization flourish.”
—Coaching Participant
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