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The Calling

Leaders wishing to live into their calling and shepherd well those they influence, whether they’re dads, moms, pastors, business owners, supervisors, volunteers, family members, or managers – are crying out for support to do so as Scripture instructs. Literally all over the world, Presence Point answers that call and, in addition, helps nationals multiply the shepherding message and spread the word among their own people. Whether through face-to-face facilitated workshops, online, on-demand webinars, coaching or consulting we provide Biblically-based support at little or no fee, whenever possible, to those with the desire to shepherd more effectively, lead with greater influence, and help others do the same. In addition, we provide encouragement and ongoing support through blogs, posts, interviews, and devotional materials.

Would You Please Join Us?

Please consider praying for this effort on a regular basis, adopting a country or ministry that needs help funding the effort to bring their people together, or donate directly to Presence Point. Those dollars are used to develop materials, update technology for better and faster delivery directly to those who request it, and for travel-related and participant expenses to conduct workshops all over the globe. With volunteer staff and donated facilities, your support goes directly to supporting shepherding leaders around the world.

Presence Point is ECFA accredited! Our Ministry is committed to financial integrity. Your donation will be processed securely through Subsplash Giving.

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