Instructions: Select and download the image that you would like to set as your background. Find the image on your device.

  • PC: Right click on image and “Set as desktop background”
  • Mac: Ctrl + Click (Right click if available) and “Use image as desktop picture”
  • Android: More menu (three dots) and “Set as wallpaper”
  • iPhone/iPad: Select send image and then, “Use as wallpaper”
Wallpapers Download
Desktop Large
Desktop Large Leader's Shield
Desktop Large Live Into Your Calling
Desktop Large Lead As A Shepherd
Desktop Large Provision, Protection, Presence
Desktop Medium
Desktop Medium Leader's Shield
Desktop Medium Live Into Your Calling
Desktop Medium Lead As A Shepherd
Desktop Medium Provision, Protection, Presence
iPad Leader's Shield
iPad Live Into Your Calling
iPad Lead As A Shepherd
iPad Provision, Protection, Presence
Tablet Leader's Shield
Tablet Live Into Your Calling
Tablet Leadas a Shepherd
Tablet Provision, Protection, Presence
Mobile Leader's Shield
Mobile Live Into Your Calling
Mobile Lead As A Shepherd
Mobile Provision, Protection, Presence

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