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For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2a

Yes, for everything there is indeed a season. The colorful leaves of fall make this truth so vividly beautiful. Yet, the lifeless foliage that drops to the ground this time of year also brings an essential reminder. Since the fall of man, death is in fact part of life in this world.
How important it is, though, to remember that death does and can bring life! Once the leaves float to the earth, they decompose and return valuable nutrients to the soil, provide habitat for tons of important insect species over the winter, and act as natural mulch. When we die to ourselves — our wills, our wants, and our ways — and fully surrender our desires to the Father, the lives we lead bring life…  life to the purpose He has for us, to the calling He’s placed on our lives, and to those we influence and impact. And that’s all before we hang out with Him forever, where life is fully realized!

May your relationship with the Good Shepherd be one that exudes life
as you head into this season of thankfulness!

What Happened in October

A time to plant and a time to harvest.
Ecclesiastes 1:2b

What's Next

A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.
A time to embrace and a time to turn away.
Ecclesiastes 3:5

  • November – Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) Women in Leadership Retreat at Ridgecrest Retreat Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina, visit to a prayer and resourcing partner in that area, and the facilitation of a workshop and facilitator training for approximately 120 multiplying pastors for the African Centre for Theological Studies (ACTS) in Lagos, Nigeria, adding a new partner and another country to the shepherd leadership multiplication movement.
  • December – Celebration of our Lord’s birth and content development.
  • January/February 2023 – The potential co-facilitation of a Leadership from the Shepherd’s Perspective workshop in Addas Ababa, Ethiopia, for the YFCI Ethiopia team and volunteers.
  • March 2023 – The facilitation of a shepherd leadership breakout session for the CLA Outcomes Conference in Chicago, Illinois.
  • April 2023 – Potential facilitation of a workshop for a variety of southern African countries for YFCI. 

Join Us In Prayer

A time to tear and a time to mend.
    A time to be quiet and a time to speak.
Ecclesiastes 3:7

  • Praise for the miraculous provision by partners who have helped fund the growth of Presence Point in 2023.
  • Praise for those who pray for the multiplication of the shepherd leadership message on a regular basis.
  • Praise for the shepherd leadership webinar presentation to 180 HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) parents and students and the engagement of those participating.
  • Continue to pray for Andrew with the Tacoma Area YFC as he prepares to introduce the shepherd leadership message NEXT WEEK in their Young Leaders program.
  • Pray for an ongoing partnership with HSLDA, as they partner with 100,000 member families, donors, homeschool leaders, legislators and others who have remarkable ability to multiply the shepherd leadership message.
  • Praise for the remarkable woman who accepted the position of Vice President of Partner Relationships and Content Development with Presence Point. (Stay tuned for more information on this news.)
  • Pray for this gifted lady and her family as she prepares to transition to a full-time role with the Presence Point team.
  • Pray for Doug and Holly as they navigate the addition of team members and acclimate to the change this expansion brings. Pray they will live what they teach and demonstrate shepherding principles with the new team members and their families.
  • Praise for those from around the globe who participated in September and October in the shepherd leadership online, on-demand workshop through the Global Leadership Intensives Series presented by Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA).
  • Praise for the Cru missionary from the Democratic Republic of Congo who participated in the CLA GLIS live interview, wishing to engage directly with Holly about her questions and challenges related to shepherd leadership.
  • Pray about the possibility of the Christian Leadership Alliance adding the Leadership from the Shepherd’s Perspective workshop to their Credentialed Christian Non-Profit Leader (CCNL) program.
  • Pray as Point Loma University considers implementing the online, on-demand workshop in a number of their leadership-related programs.
  • Pray for partners in the university/seminary/college space and for Dr. Dave Rahn who has volunteered to champion that effort.
  • Pray about the details related to the tentative Shepherd Leadership Conference for YFCI Ethiopia in February of 2023.
  • Pray about the possibility of facilitating a shepherd leadership conference for several southern African countries for YFCI in 2023.
  • Pray about the possibility of facilitating a shepherd leadership workshop for YFCI’s world gathering, General Assembly, scheduled for the Netherlands in September 2023.
  • Pray for the representative from Wycliffe USA who attended the San Antonio workshop and is considering how to implement the shepherd leadership workshop content with Wycliffe USA’s 3,000 team members.
  • Praise for decisions related to the new potential partners we’ve been referred to in the last month. 
  • Pray for funding for the base operational budget for Presence Point in 2023.
  • Pray for SIL to find a qualified individual to translate the workshop materials into the Ethiopian language of Amharic.
  • Pray for the funding to translate the workshop materials into the Indian languages of Hindi and Benali, Marathi, or Tegulu.
  • Pray for the executive leadership team of Prendiville Catholic College in Perth, Australia, as they continue to multiply the shepherding message with their students.
  • Praise for partners who continue to provide their time, talent, and resources to support and spread the shepherding message.
  • Pray for continued wisdom in our choices of new partners and individuals we interview for the Shepherds in Action interview series.
  • Continue to pray the shepherding message will resonate with those who download the workshop content on the online, on-demand platforms of Presence Point partners RightNow Media, RightNow Media @ Work, American Heritage Girls, Christian Leadership Alliance, YFC Canada, and YFC USA.
  • Praise that God is still moving in miraculous ways related to the shepherd leadership message!
  • Pray for shepherd leaders to emerge in governments all over the world.
  • Pray on an ongoing basis for our shepherd leadership partners in Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Canada, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, DRC, Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, and the United States, as well as new partner, the African Centre for Theological Studies in Nigeria, as they seek to multiply the shepherding message.
  • Pray on an ongoing basis for clear direction regarding the focus of our energies in 2023… and beyond, as the Lord wills.
  • Pray for continual wisdom for the Board members who lead Presence Point and for open hearts and willing spirits as we do the same on a day-to-day basis.

How Can We Pray For You?


Please allow us to partner with you for your prayer needs. You can confidentially contact us by email at 
or or by texting or calling Holly at +1-661-301-3316 or Doug at +1-661-332-2622.

Doug and Holly Culhane

Live into your calling


Please allow us to partner with you for your prayer needs. You can confidentially contact us by email at or or by texting or calling Holly at +1-661-301-3316 or Doug at +1-661-332-2622.


Doug and Holly Culhane

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