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The Presence Point App

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We all need easy-to-use, on-the-go support in our shepherding journey, and the free Presence Point App is perfect for that purpose! Available for both Apple and Android devices, this tool includes App-only content like the Psalms for Shepherds five-minute weekly podcast, electronic versions of the 30-Day Shepherd Leadership Challenge Devotionals, and Dive Deeper questions for that will provide timely and appropriate challenges immediately applicable and practical for your walk with The Good Shepherd.

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A sheep walk on a gorgeous hillside. The text 'Psalms for Shepherds' can be seen.

Psalms for Shepherds Podcast

When leading is hard and shepherding seems impossible, take time to re-charge and re-focus. Turn to the Psalms for Shepherds Podcast for five minutes of inspiration and encouragement. Created with tough times and peaceful moments in mind, just open the App, choose a Psalm, and then sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the words of The Good Shepherd through David, Moses, Asaph, and other psalmists. It will refresh you for the rest of the day .. and fill your soul for the moments ahead.
This app-only content is released weekly.

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