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Welcome, American Heritage Girls!

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Welcome, Pioneers, to the Shepherd Leadership Patch Program designed just for you!

When you’re ready to influence your friends and family and lead better than ever before, just complete the steps below and enjoy the change it brings to your life!

  1. Complete Episode #1 of the Teen/Young Adult Version of the “Leadership from the Shepherd’s Perspective” workshop on RightNow Media. Only include the F/P Expectations Exercise if you are completing this Episode with a Group Leader or Facilitator.
  2. Perform a search of the words shepherd, sheep, ewe, ram, lamb and flock, using the New International Version of Scripture. Determine in how many books of the Bible these words appear. Share with your Unit or family why you think God chose to use this analogy and how many references there were to shepherds as leaders of people, rather than real sheep.
  3. You’ve probably figured out by now that since you influence and impact others, you’re a shepherd leader! With that in mind, download and complete the 30-Day Shepherd Leadership Challenge, Volume 1. The Challenge may be downloaded from the free Presence Point app OR a hard copy may be purchased here. Decide which shepherding behavior you need to focus on most as a shepherd leader (Provision, Protection, or Presence). Create three tools or aids that will serve as reminders to you and prompt your continued development and improvement in this area.
  4. Pick two of the following activities:
      1. Choose one area in your life where you are a shepherd leader. Create a poster listing all the ways you provide, protect, and are present for those you lead in that area.
      2. Record one video blog or write one blog that demonstrates effective shepherd leadership. Share it with your Unit or family.
      3. Find two Biblical characters who were once shepherds of sheep and later became great shepherds of people. Discover and explain in a report format how their experiences shepherding sheep prepared them to be shepherd leaders of people.
      4. Create a 30-second radio or television commercial explaining the benefits of shepherd leadership. Perform it live for your Unit or family or play the video or audio recording for them, using it as a devotional.
  5. Pray and consider how you need to grow as a shepherd leader. Write a reflective journal entry (1-2 pages), a poem, or create a piece of art that demonstrates your thoughts.
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