You can now grow as a Shepherd Leader whenever it's convenient for you! Just use this on-demand workshop. Whether parenting, pastoring, partnering, managing, supervising, serving as a volunteer, as a board member, shepherding donors, or simply desiring to grow in your leadership — the timeless responsibility of shepherding is essential to leading well and influencing effectively.

This workshop series explores shepherding as a universal Godly leadership principle. The adult version connects the shepherding message to the work, church, ministry, for-profit, non-profit, and government environments. The Teen/Young Adult Version utilizes examples that apply to the 13 to 19-year-old, and lends itself well to a group of teens led by an adult facilitator. Supporting materials available: Participant Workbook, the Presence Point® interactive App, a comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide, the 30-Day Shepherd Leadership Challenge series, Shepherd in Action interviews, Psalms for Shepherds Podcast, Live into Your Calling Blog, and coaching and consulting to provide support for the lifelong journey of shepherding well.

If you don’t have access to RightNow Media or RightNow Media @Work, email for info on how you can participate!

The Leader's Shield

Ever wish you had a leadership model that demonstrated biblical principles and was easy to remember? Well, here it is! Learn more about The Leader’s Shield and how you can influence and impact with Provision, Protection, and Presence.







Shepherd Leadership Resources

Presence Point® App

We all need easy-to-use, on-the-go support in our shepherding journey, and the free Presence Point® App is perfect for that purpose! Available for both Apple and Android devices, this tool includes App-only content like the Psalms for Shepherds five-minute weekly podcast, electronic versions of the 30-Day Shepherd Leadership Challenge Devotionals, and Dive Deeper questions that will provide timely and appropriate challenges that are immediately applicable and practical for your leadership journey and your walk with The Good Shepherd.

Live Into Your Calling Blog​

Written to help you dig into what it looks like to shepherd well from a Scriptural perspective, Presence Point® produces a weekly blog with the hope of challenging shepherds in all walks of life, all over the world, to live intentionally as a godly shepherd everywhere they influence and impact – whether that’s at work in the private, public, education, or government sector; at home; at church in a formal or lay leadership role; in a volunteer position; or in the community. Each author attempts to transparently share their insights and experiences to help you (and themselves!) shepherd authentically in every aspect of life.

30-Day Shepherd Leadership Challenge Devotionals Volumes 1 & 2​

Designed to support shepherd leaders and assist with the intentionality required to shepherd well, these three to five-minute daily devotionals begin with Scripture and include a short narrative, an important question, and a focus for your day. Utilized by CEOs, business professionals, dads, moms, teachers, supervisors, managers, business owners, pastors, students, and ministry leaders alike to deepen their walk as a shepherd leader, these devotionals help you keep an eye on The Good Shepherd and lead well. Available in hard copy for purchase or free download on the Presence Point App.​

Psalms for Shepherds Podcast

When leading is hard and shepherding seems impossible, take time to re-charge and re-focus. Turn to the Psalms for Shepherds Podcast for five minutes of inspiration and encouragement. Created with tough times and peaceful moments in mind, just open the App, choose a Psalm, and then sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the words of The Good Shepherd through David, Moses, Asaph, and other psalmists. It will refresh you for the rest of the day .. and fill your soul for the moments ahead. Released weekly.​

Shepherd-in-Action Interviews

Inspiration often brings action. That’s why Presence Point® provides Shepherd-in-Action Interviews. These one-on-one candid conversations with shepherd leaders in every walk of life will provide ideas and insights that we pray will help you lead well.

Workshop Flipcharts​

Explore flip charts from past workshops and use the wide range of responses from previous participants as a springboard for practical application of the shepherd leadership journey in your own life. 

Shepherd Leadership Wallpapers​

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words! These shepherding wallpapers are perfect for your laptop, your tablet, or your mobile device, and will provide the reminder we all need to keep our energies directed toward being an effective shepherd.​

Book Recommendations​

Whether you’re a shepherd in the business world, a lay shepherd or pastor in the church or ministry world, shepherd at home as a parent or spouse, or just looking for a good book for your kids to read or a book to read to your little ones that tracks with the shepherding message, this list will meet your needs. So, grab your glasses and dig in, or cozy up next to the fireplace and be encouraged to shepherd well everywhere you influence and impact.​
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