Welcome, Kindergarteners, to the Shepherd Leadership Program designed especially for you!

We’re so glad you’ve chosen to learn more about leading people like a shepherd leads their sheep – just like in the Bible! Are you ready to start learning how to lead? Just complete the steps below and get ready to have fun and experience creative ways to be all The Good Shepherd wants you to be as you influence the people around you! 

  1. Make a sheep using cotton balls, construction paper, and glue. Share with your class or teacher where wool comes from. 
  2. Find a story in the Bible about a shepherd. Tell your class or teacher about the story and why sheep need a shepherd. 
  3. Optional Activity: Have an adult read My Good Shepherd by Zonderkidz to you. The book is available for purchase here.  Pray about why having a good shepherd is important and share your thoughts with your class or teacher.

Welcome from our founder, Holly Culhane!

Lead well everywhere you influence.

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