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Welcome, American Heritage Girls!

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Welcome, Tenderhearts, to the Shepherd Leadership Patch Program designed just for you!

We’re so glad you’ve chosen to learn more about leading people like a shepherd! When you’re ready to dive in, get started, and have some fun, just complete the steps below to learn more about how Provision, Protection, and Presence are important in the life of both the shepherd and her sheep!

  1. Research online the responsibilities of a real shepherd with real sheep and make a list of those responsibilities. Talk with your Unit or family about what a real shepherd does with real sheep.
  2. Pick two of the following:
    1. Find three Scripture verses that refer to people as sheep. Share them with your Unit or family and explain why you think God would describe people as sheep.
    2. Download and color three pages from the “The Leader as Shepherd” coloring book. Write a letter to God, as your Good Shepherd, thanking Him for how He provides for you, protects you, and is present for you.
    3. Download and complete the Shepherding Word Search. Pick three shepherding terms from the list that you like the best and make a bookmark for your Bible using those three words. You can draw a picture on the bookmark or write the words in a creative way.
    4. Download and decode the secret shepherding message found in the Cryptogram. Pray about what you find and write a note of encouragement to someone in your Troop or your family with this message.
    5. Watch the story of Shrek the Sheep. Name three problems that Shrek had because he ran away from his shepherd. Share with your Unit or family what happens when we run away from our Good Shepherd and how we can stay close to Him.
    6. Read Wilbur the Woolly by Nikki Rogers The book is available for purchase here or here. It is also available as a $4.95 eBook here or as a free audio version here. After reading the book, complete the associated lesson plans, “The Good Shepherd” available here.
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