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We’re looking for individuals and organizations who are interested in hosting a Presence Point workshop in their event space or community.

If you would like to host a workshop, we would love to hear from you. Workshops can be one day or two days of training, or a weekend retreat, and take place at a venue you provide. Holly and Doug welcome the opportunity to meet with your leaders and share their insight into how they can make a difference in your workplace and home.

To maximize the experience and minimize any stress, Presence Point will come the day before the start of the workshop to prepare. With the list of your participants already in hand, they will have personalized name tags ready, review with you the layout of the facility to avoid any potential hitches, and once again review your hopes for your time together. The goal is to smooth the way for the participants to focus only on the concepts of shepherding their sheep.

Presence Point was an attitude-altering experience—a deep, intensive look at faith, family, relationships, leadership, and purposeful living with an action plan to go forth and love the world.

Judy Salamacha

Presence Point Experience Workshop Host

While the host will pay for travel and expenses either directly or through registration fees, Holly and Doug feel so strongly about their calling, they donate their time for the workshops. They travel with the Director of Operations who assists in assuring the day is a success and captures information for social media. The time for this individual, participant materials, and any food provided will be covered by the host or through a registration fee for the workshop.

If Presence Point will already be in your area, there may be a cost savings for travel and expenses. Check our list of current workshops for one near you.

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